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Automotive Collision Technology Degree and Certificate

This degree and certificate provides training in automotive collision technology. Topics include an introduction to collision technology, structural and non-structural repair, refinishing, collision estimating, industry safety and electrical repair.

Requirements for Degree or Certificate

ACT 110 - Component Repairs
ACT 120 - Non-Structural Repair
ACT 130 - Structural Repair
ACT 140 - Automotive Refinishing
ACT 161 - Automotive Collision Software Systems, Estimating 1
AT 310 - Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems
AT 311 - Suspension and Steering Systems
AT 312 - Automotive Electrical Systems
WELD 103 - Gas Metal Arc Welding of Sheet Steel

Course Descriptions

Associate Degree Requirements: A.S. Degrees may be obtained by completion of the required courses, plus general education requirements, plus sufficient electives to meet a 60-unit total.

See ARC Graduation Requirements.

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