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Learn the latest tools and techniques in multiple disciplines. Sharpen your innate talent. Discover the power of image + message. Paint with pixels, sculpt with digital clay + fire up your brain. What do we offer? Start here.

art new media news
Adobe CC 6 is now installed in the Mac Lab
If you need additional computer time, you can alway go to the LRC Click here for details.
The 2014 ArtNewMedia Lecture / Workshop Series is going on during the month of April. Click here for details.
Lab upgrade with brand new computers with tablet screens coming fall 2013.Like us on Facebook
Join us for free Art New Media Workshops throughout the month of April, 2013. Fridays at 5pm, Liberal Arts RM 127. Click for details.
Like us on Facebook
RM 127 Mac Lab is now running Adobe CS6.
AA degree and Certificate Programs Updated -We have updated AA Degree Program and Certificates to reflect 2012-2013 Catalog Year. link
Art New Media Free Sunday Lectures and Workshops 10 a.m. to Noon, Liberal Arts Room 127. 4/15 Analog Poster Design in the Digital Environment. 4/22 3D Workshop: Scene Rendering. 4/29 Careers in the Creative Industires. 5/6 Photographing Food. link
ANM professor steve mehallo profiled in the American River Current, Man of letters: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 link
A Day in the Life Project, Photograph A DAY IN THE LIFE OF NORTH SACRAMENTO: Friday, October 16, 2009 link
I Love Typography: New font releases + other stuff link
Logo design basics: The 5 types of marks link
Building your portfolio website: Six things to never do link
Fontstruct: Make your own fonts! link
101 typography resources link
Alarming font news from Hollywood link
Advertising vs. Reality: A product comparison project link
Sacramento News + Review fashion issue: Featuring photography by ARC's Gerry Simpson link
SN&R Playlist: Without music would there be graphic design? link
The 60 best design schools in the world link
ARTNM professor Dan Herrera featured in Fringe magazine link
ARTNM student Justin Lovato featured in Juxtapoz magazine link
Experimenta Playground: International Biennial of Media Arts, a report from Melbourne link
Mark Simonson's Son of Typecasting: Misused fonts in period movies link Online color resources for designers link
Color inspiration: The Big Island of Hawaii link
Original Design Gangsta link
UK Icon magazine: 50 manifestos from 50 designers link
NewWork: Collective of young people working in new media link
Animated shorts by students of Paris-based GOBELINS for the Festival International du Film d'Animation d'Annecy link
10 tips from an old-school designer link For your ideas + aesthetics + amusement link
Stefan Sagmeister on design and happiness link
Metropolis: Author Ellen Lupton on Helvetica link How to solve a maze using Photoshop link
Core77: Author Peter Merholz on user experience design link
Lettermade: Documenting vernacular typography link
Make DIY T PDF: Another making your own t-shirts thing link
Book review: Adrian Shaughnessy's How to be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul link
Overview: Developing a graphic design portfolio link
How to ace a job interview link
Magnetosphere: Beta download available of a new iTunes music visualizer link
Th_se sur la typographie: Dada-influenced stop motion typography based on Kurt Schwitters' "Thesis on Typography" link
Being a successful creative professional: Talent is a myth link
Thinking for a living: Open source design education link
Free special effects tutorials in Photoshop link
Critiquing the design of The Los Angeles Times link
Jens Gehlhaar + Somi Kim: Where is graphic design headed? link
Free ARC Career Center Workshops: Interview techniques, dealing with procrastination, internships + more link
Garamond et Bach: A comparison of Garamond font revivals and multiple interpretations of the music of Bach link
Best Adobe Illustrator tutorials on the Web link
So Sacramento: A local lexicon in the SacBee link
3D Animation professor Matthew L. Stoehr's blog: Texturing and special effects, facial rendering, experiments and more link
The November ADAC newsletter: Art + design writings featuring James Saturnio, Brian Randle, Jessica Deprez, Mick Sheldon, steve mehallo ... link
Have you taken an artnm online course? Check out artnm324, 328 and 401 link

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